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Laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) is an additive manufacturing technology that enables the production of complex three-dimensional parts using a variety of metallic materials.

This process involves the layerwise application of metal powder and precise fusion using lasers to yield high-precision, robust parts with a high surface quality and a dense material structure.

Material qualification and
parameter development

customized solutions to meet your specific needs

build volumes

from laboratory scale to small batches

Quality assurance

different analysis methods possible

Universally applicable

In addition to mechanical engineering, LPBF is mainly used in the aerospace industry, medical technology, toolmaking and other sectors just to mention a few application examples of this technology.

Drawing on our extensive expertise in LPBF, we are able to unlock the full technical potential of metal part production.

Customized project planning

To efficiently implement your LPBF project, naddcon offers different types of equipment and machinery to suit your unique requirements and specifications.

By default, our machines are equipped to process CoCr alloys, stainless steel, Inconel and copper alloys. But we are flexible in accommodating custom material requests and conducting material qualification. With a diverse range of machinery at our disposal, we provide various options in terms of build volume and accuracy.

Digital process optimization

Our software-based generation of support structures ensures optimal product properties, significantly boosting productivity and optimizing processes.

Unleashing visions: from concept to implementation

We are passionate about developing new products and pioneering technical solutions

Reconstruction of archaeological finds
Duplication of celtic artifacts using LPBF technology.
The internal blades of the separator were built without additional supports.
Part-specific holder
Fabrication of custom-fit negative molds for exhibits.
Parameter development
An optimized machine parameter was developed based on customer-specific injection molding pellets.
Process development
We develop a standardized process for material qualification.
Material qualification & parameter development
Qualification of photoreactive resins and development of customized machine parameters.
Digital additive manufacturing strategy
The integration of a "digital twin" significantly optimizes the printing process.
Free-form surface machining
Melted polymer pellets can be deposited in three-dimensional paths.
Small batch production
Integrated service for customized small batch production.
Customized lounge-chairs with lightweight design.

Let’s make use of our experience – together!

Our experienced engineering team is happy to support you with any questions relating to your project. We provide the perfect environment in our research, development, and application center – from design to finished part manufacturing and post-processing – to develop innovative solutions in a protected atmosphere.

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