We are passionate about developing new products and pioneering technical solutions. Our experienced engineering team supports you throughout the project: from feasibility studies and material qualification to software evaluation, contract manufacturing and consulting.

Our projects

Celtic artifacts

Machine: Concept Laser MLAB 200R/M1 Cusing
Material: bronze/316L stainless steel

In a joint project with the Lichtenfels district office, faithful replicas of Celtic artifacts made of bronze and stainless steel were produced using LPBF. The 3D data models of the archaeological finds were created using an elaborate reverse engineering process.


Machine: Aconity Midi+, Software AMSIS GENESIS 3.0
Material: bronze/316L stainless steel

Using the GENESIS 3.0 data preparation software, the internal blades of the separator were built without supports. The so-called overhangs of the blades reach down to 30° which would have to be supported in conventional data preparation. Optimized data preparation using GENESIS 3.0 enables reducing post-processing effort and associated costs.

Part-specific holder

Machine: HP MJF 5200
Material: PA12
Software: Trinckle3D fixturemate

Fabrication of custom-fit negative molds for exhibits.

Parameter development

Machine: AIM3D ExAM 255
Material: PP

An optimized machine parameter was developed based on customer-specific injection molding pellets. The transition from conventional injection molding technology to the FGF process enables our customer to shorten the process chain and reduce associated production costs.

Process development

Machine: Axtra3D Lumia X1
Material: various photoreactive materials

To close the material gap of the very fast HPS process, we develop a standardized process for material qualification for our partner. Rolling out this standard process to the partner's subsidiaries enables qualifying new materials standardized and extensively.

Material qualification & 
parameter development

Machine: Axtra3D Lumia X1
Material: various photoreactive materials

Based on our partner's requirements catalog, our engineering team identified photoreactive resins with optical and mechanical properties comparable to the standard material. Finally, the appropriate machine parameter was developed in-house.

Digital additive manufacturing strategy

Machine: AIM3D ExAM 255
Software: Siemens NX

By successfully integrating the ExAM 255 from AIM3D GmbH into a "digital twin", the printing process can be significantly optimized, even before production. This means that process speed, extruder output and temperatures can be controlled with high accuracy as a function of the part geometry even before the actual printing process.

Free-form surface machining

Machine: AIM3D ExAM 255
Software: Siemens NX

The integration of the ExAM 255 into Siemens NX enables depositing the melted polymer pellets in three-dimensional paths to minimize the staircase effect. The layer-independent movement of the Z-axis yields an almost unlimited freedom of part design. 

Small batch production

Machine: Concept Laser Mlab cusing 200R
Material: bronze

Integrated service for a customized small batch: from implementation of the idea to additive manufacturing of the product.

Customized lounge-chairs with lightweight design

Machine: QUEEN 1 Q.BIG 3D
Material: PA6-GF25

We produced customized lounge-chairs with lightweight design for our customer. During this project, we provided a comprehensive project support from the implementation of the idea to additive manufacturing using the VFGF process.

Let’s make use of our experience – together!

Our experienced engineering team is happy to support you with any questions relating to your project. We provide the perfect environment in our research, development, and application center – from design to finished part manufacturing and post-processing – to develop innovative solutions in a protected atmosphere.

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