The next generation of processing

To ensure cost-efficient project implementation, it is essential to take an integrated view of the industrial process chain. This includes aspects such as raw materials, material qualification, and processing. Additionally, harnessing the capabilities of the digital environment, from pre-processing to post-processing, is crucial in achieving this goal.

The optimized coordination of materials and processes is the basis for your project's success. 

An integrated digital
process chain

From design to quality assurance

Efficient processes

Up to 80 % workload reduction

Material and
cost savings

Warpage and support reduction
while ensuring high dimensional stability

Comprehensive project support

Our engineering team supports you at every stage, including the generation and preparation of CAD data and the selection of additive manufacturing equipment and materials.

Innovative engineering

At naddcon, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and software systems from renowned manufacturers.  Using parameterized models, we can design personalized and recurring products very cost-effectively and efficiently.

The CAx platform enables the generation of complex toolpaths and facilitates process modeling using a digital twin. Moreover, simulation-based hatch strategies are equally possible with low material consumption.

Full process control

An integrated digital data chain ensures greater transparency and reduced susceptibility to errors which in turn improves monitoring throughout the process chain.

This results in better integration with relevant production controls and a significant reduction in workload of up to 80%.


Let’s make use of our experience – together!

Our experienced engineering team is happy to support you with any questions relating to your project. We provide the perfect environment in our research, development, and application center – from design to finished part manufacturing and post-processing – to develop innovative solutions in a protected atmosphere.

the naddcon team